Acoustic Klezmer Quartet

David Krakauer, one of the most important and influential musicians in new Jewish music today and of the vital new wave of klezmer, is known mostly for his amplified sound pushing the boundaries of klezmer to include elements of jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop. In this program, Krakauer presents acoustic versions of his original compositions mixed with classic tunes from the traditional klezmer repertoire. This is an opportunity to hear Krakauer’s distinctive sound up close and personal, completely unplugged. The audience will bear witness to some incredible mind reading between these musicians that David has been playing with for years.

Bringing prodigious chops and serious mirth to klezmer... like an avant-garde Jewish wedding celebration...not to be missed.
— The New Yorker

Writes Judy Gelman Myers for New York Press: “Throughout history, the Jewish tradition has renewed itself wherever it has settled—from Babylon to Cordoba to Bessarabia to New York—whether through exile or free choice… David Krakauer has come to exemplify this spirit of reaffirmation, wherever it will take him and his clarinet.”


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